The long awaited Steve Jobs movie is now back on the cards – as we’ve heard of confirmation of the rumor that Universal have gone ahead and picked up the movie from former producers Sony. Thankfully, the movie will carry on into production, although it’s not clear when.

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Originally we reported that the movie had been plagued with lead star issues as well as problems in production, we now know that Sony dropped the project after the director Danny Boyle was adamant that the film begin shooting by January.

Of course, this clashed with the schedule of new leading actor Michael Fassbender, who was tied up with X-Men Apocalypse. It’s all very complicated, but suffice to say, famous actors can;t work on two movies at once, so Sony decided to back out.

Steve Jobs was a man with a vision, and a very iconic sweater. He will always be missed.

Cue Universal, who stepped in and picked up the piece of hot biopic property for a cool $30 Million, according to Variety. It might seem a lot, but movies about upstanding tech pioneers make big money – The Social network, the Mark Zuckerberg movie, picked up around 200 million at box office.

“A deal has been reached to bring the film about the Apple co-founder — which Danny Boyle is to direct from a script by Aaron Sorkin — to Universal,”

– Universal Studios Spokesperson

At any rate, the movie should be with us at some point in the next few years, it certainly has taken its time. The pick for the role of Jobs has changed multiple times, from Leonard DiCaprio to Christian Bale to Michael Fassbender, and it looks like top pick for the role of Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak is Seth Rogen right now.

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Currently a production schedule, let alone a release date, are not forthcoming, but from what we do know if Michael fassbender is still picked for that hot lead role then it’ll have to wait until after filming of the upcoming X-Men movie is all done and dusted… unless the just film all the scenes without him first… although there won’t be many since it’s a Steve Jobs biopic.

We’ll stay on the pulse of the Steve jobs movie, and we’ll get back to you once we find out if any of these dates come out, or if the movie is ever going to start being filmed…

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