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Unlocking the Power of Your PS5: A Guide to Backup and Reset 

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If you’re debating backing up or resetting your PS5, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes our consoles need a fresh start or a backup safety net. In this article, we look at how to back up and reset your PS5 with no stress. 

Why backing up is so important 

Gaming adventures on the PlayStation 5 are thrilling, but what happens when the unexpected occurs? Your precious game progress, trophies, and customized settings could be at risk. This is why the art of backing up is so crucial. Think of it as a superhero cape for your gaming data – ready to swoop in and save the day when needed. 

How to backup 

1. Cloud Saves – Effortless Protection 

Harness the power of the cloud! If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, your PS5 allows automatic cloud saves. Navigate to your Settings, find “Saved Data and Game/App Settings,” and toggle on Auto Upload. Your game progress will be securely stored in the digital heavens. 

2. USB Drive – Your Trusty Sidekick 

For a hands-on approach, grab a compatible USB drive. Connect it to your PS5, venture into Settings, locate “System,” and select “Backup and Restore.” Opt for “Back Up PS5” and follow the on-screen instructions. Your data is now safely nestled in an external drive, ready to jump back into action. 

3. Game and Application Data – Selective Preservation 

Sometimes, you want to be picky. Head to Settings, choose “Storage,” then “Console Storage.” From there, handpick the games and apps you want to back up. It’s like curating your own gaming collection – each selection a masterpiece of data preservation. 

4. Double-Check – Because It’s Your Data’s VIP Entrance 

Before you hit that backup button, take a moment to double-check. Ensure your favourite games, cherished trophies, and all those saved moments are included. Once confirmed, take a deep breath – your data is securely backed up, ready for whatever comes next. 

How to reset 

1. The Reset Rationale – A Fresh Start for Your PS5 

Resets are like a reset button for life’s little digital hiccups. Whether you’re troubleshooting performance woes or preparing your console for a new chapter, a reset is a powerful tool. 

2. Settings > System > Reset Options 

Navigate through the settings like a pro. Find “System,” then select “Reset Options.” Here, you encounter two choices – “Quick” and “Full” reset. The quick option is a swift reboot, while the full reset wipes the slate clean. Depending on your needs, choose your reset adventure wisely. 

3. On-Screen Magic – Follow the Reset Yellow Brick Road 

After choosing your reset path, follow the on-screen instructions. Confirm your decision and let the PS5 work its magic. It’s like giving your console a refreshing spa day – a treat for both you and your PS5. 

4. Post-Reset Setup – Building Anew 

Once the reset is complete, it’s time to rebuild. Reconnect to the internet, sign in with your PSN account, and reconfigure your settings. Don’t forget to reinstall your games and applications – your backed-up data is here to save the day. 

Troubleshooting tips post-reset 

1. Internet Woes? Fear Not! 

If your PS5 is having a moment reconnecting to the internet after the reset, don’t panic. Check your connection settings, restart your router, and try again. It’s like troubleshooting 101 – gaming edition. 

2. Lost in the Library? Find Your Games! 

If your game library looks like a puzzle post-reset, no worries. Head to the library, find your games, and hit that download button. Your game data might need a reunion with your console, and you’re the matchmaker. 


In the vast gaming universe, where every save point is a victory and every reset a chance for a new beginning, mastering the art of backup and reset is your key to an uninterrupted gaming odyssey. So, fellow gamers, arm yourself with knowledge, safeguard your data, and embrace the reset button – because, in the world of gaming, every reset is a new level waiting to be conquered! Happy gaming!