Unofficial Game Boy casing for iPhone 3G/3GS & 4 from iPWN!

Ninten-doh! – After all the disappointment we suffered witnessing the unveiling of that horrible Wii U, this wicked Game Boy imitation iPhone case (fits 3G/3GS and 4) coming from iPWN! provides a warm safe nostalgic bosom to find comfort in for us old-school Nintendo fans who preferred our gaming simple and uncomplicated!

The first handheld gaming console is replicated, in detail only, unfortunately this doesn’t play the classic green and grey toned titles of old – legends such as Tetris and Super Mario Land won’t play on your iPhone but the casing will disguise your mobile as the ultra-cool gaming gadget of old.

The close-fitting case is a 2mm thick lightweight polycarbonate, allowing full use of the touchscreen and buttons and costs around $15 (sans licencing, so act fast before their banned!). With a morose boast from the iPWN! website claiming “Seventeen cars just smashed into one horrific train-wreck of a mess on Hollywood Boulevard. Nay, it wasn’t Justin Bieber’s angelic flowing brunette locks this time- it was you and your new iPWN! encased iPhone 4 that is. It’s a real head turner”.

Recently we found out about the iPhone app which duplicates the effects of the old Game Boy Pocket Camera, add that to your iPhone in the iPWN! case for a truly classic combo!

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Source: iPWN!