UPDATE: Flaws in HTC One S Nano-Coated Ceramic Casing? – HTC Responds & Offers Exchange

Yesterday the news broke that there are number of new HTC One S owners who have spotted minor damage to the casing of the new Android ICS smartphone. The top edge of the gadget’s casing would become chipped just days after purchase – this believed to be caused by the supposedly “unbreakable” ceramic nano-coating.

The thin layer that is intended to defend the HTC One S from bumps and drops has actually become the cause of slight but noticeable breakage to the edge between the front and back portions of the phone’s casing. It’s made of a ceramic bonded to aluminium, which to us sounds fairly brittle. The chipping doesn’t affect the running or function of the dual-core HTC One S, but it’s still pretty bothersome and a growing number of buyers have complained forcing HTC to respond in this statement:

“HTC is committed to delivering a high quality product and great experience for all our customers. There have been a few, isolated reports of this issue. The finish on the One S was laboratory tested as being at a hardness similar to ceramic. While that’s hard, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to damage. Regardless, HTC takes quality very seriously and are providing all customers with an immediate fix and we are implementing some small changes to ensure customers do not experience this issue in the future.”

HTC is now offering to repair the flawed devices under the warranty or offer a full exchange at the place of purchase for anyone unsatisfied with the quality of their One S smartphone within 30 days of the fault being noticed.

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