UPDATE: Lumia 900 Windows Phone – Nokia Says No Delay Just Misinformation

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Nokia has spoken out about the suggested delays to the U.K stock of its next Windows Phone, the Lumia 900 – stating that there are no actual delays, only misinformation from a number of retailers regarding the gadget’s release date.

Nokia reiterates that the release date for the Lumia 900 is still to be officially confirmed and that retailers such as Phones4U – which advertised an April 27th release – didn’t have the full information to make estimation. Therefore today’s speculation of a postponement of stock has no real basis and the gadget will turn up here when it does, pretty much. This will probably be closer to May 14th as was reported earlier.

Now explanation from Nokia, however, regarding the suggestion that U.K stocks were being swerved to satisfy the Stateside demand..

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U.K Lumia lovers waiting for their next fix of the Nokia/Windows Phone union could be in for a slightly longer wait than previously expected. It’s being reported that our stocks could be diverted and shipped to the States to meet the high demand for the Lumia 900 which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January and which launched on networks across the pond in March.

If the wait wasn’t painful enough for us Brits, the disappointing news will surely add insult to injury and the Nokia Lumia 900’s April 27th release date is now believed to have been cancelled and our allocated stocks of the WP7.5 “Mango”-packing mobile won’t be seen until “around May 14th”. There’s no numbers given to the amount of Lumias shifted in the U.S but it must be a heavyweight helping of handsets for such a lengthy delay to replenish reserves initially intended for U.K mobile buyers.

For a reminder of what we’re missing out on – the Nokia Lumia 900 boasts many of those impressive high-spec features that wowed us on the Lumia 800. Meaning it comes with 4.3” display and Windows Phone 7.5 which runs off a 1.4GHz Qualcomm CPU. This device is 4G / LTE supportive with an impressive 8GB of onboard RAM and an improved battery capacity which should support all of its advancements on the 800. We were fortunate enough to go hands-on with one of the elusive Lumia 900 handsets at the recent Gadget Show and you can check out our preview – Here.

All reports relating to the Nokia Lumia 900 postponement suggest this is currently unconfirmed and the Gadget Helpline will seek to provide more reliable information from our contacts and bring our findings to our loyal readers and Nokia fans as soon as we can.

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