Update: Sony Releases PS4 Firmware Version 2.02

It’s believed a new update for PlayStation 4 will be released within the next week after it was announced on social media. [UPDATE:] Playstation Europe confirms it’s now released.

Sony only released PS4 software version 2.0 little over a week ago and followed it up a few days later with 2.01 in the intention of resolving an issue with the console in Rest Mode which seemed to be caused by installing of the earlier version. Now the console maker has announced a further incremental update which will be arriving soon.

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The PlayStation Twitter account revealed that “PS4 system software update v2.02 is coming soon, and will improve system software stability during use of some features, games, and apps”.

PS4 update 2.0 (codenamed ‘Masamune’) which went live at the end of October was the console’s first major update and promised new features including the ability to play media content from USB devices and a new social gaming gimmick called Share Play.

With the PS4’s second Christmas season approaching and further price cuts and deals surfacing, Sony may look to get all its bugs smoothed out before the gifts are opened this year. As early adopters will remember there were some lessons in patience to be learned regarding software when the both next gen consoles were released last November.

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