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Vine now available on Android smartphones – Get GIFing

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After a long test period solely on iOS, Vine for Android has at long last arrived in the Google Play Store.

The app landed in the Play Store yesterday afternoon according to its founders, although it’s only appeared in the UK store today for most. As on iOS, the app is a free download and users can sign up or sign in using Twitter credentials.

Unfortunately for those with older Android phones, Vine is only compatible on devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and up. So far the app seems to be doing well, with the only major gripe being no support for the front-facing camera – those selfie Vines will take some work, unfortunately.

The app offers much the same as the iOS version, with the option to view what’s popular, follow friends, like and comment on posts, upload as many Vines as you like, share socially and so on. Vine says that more social sharing options will be added soon, with Facebook and Twitter the current options.

For those unfamiliar with Vine, think of it as Twitter but with 6 second videos instead of 140 characters. Users can create short videos either as a constant stream or by chopping in multiple short videos. This is done by tapping and releasing on the video capture screen – video records for as long as you hold the screen and stops once you release, so you can create stop-motion videos pretty easily.

The app is currently available as a free download from Google Play but can be tricky to find. We had to search for it on the web Play Store ( and install it remotely on our phone, so if you’re having trouble finding it on your device this could be the way to go.