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Vine releases new Vine Kids app for iOS users

Vine, the short-form video sharing service has today announced that it has released a specific version of its popular app dedicated to kids.

The company was founded in June 2012 and was later acquired the same year by Twitter, just before its official launch. For anyone not familiar with how it works, the service allows users to record and edit 5 to 6 second long video clips which can be shared to your followers.

In a blog post, the company say that along with what they’ve seen themselves and what parents have said – kids love using Vine. So, because of the popularity the short video sharing site has with the youngsters, they’ve decided to develop a simple child friendly app that allows younger children a fun new way to watch vine videos.

Vine Kids allows children to watch content that is appropriate for a young audience and features animated characters amongst other fun content. Kids can easily swipe right or left to show new Vine videos while also tapping the screen they will hear quirky sounds too.

Developing a child friendly version of the popular app seems to be a good move; apparently lots of younger children frequently use the ‘normal’ Vine app which is not necessarily screened for appropriate content. However with the new dedicated app it should now shield children from viewing this.

At the moment, it seems as if the new Vine Kids app will only be available for iOS users – there has been no word as yet about making it available on other platforms, but if we hear any different you can be assured we’ll let you know.

What are your thoughts on this child version of Vine, do you think it’s a good idea? Perhaps you think some other social sharing sites should make a ‘kids’ version. Let us know in the comments.