Virgin Media Launches Sky Go Equivalent ‘Virgin TV Anywhere’

At long last, Virgin Media has unveiled plans for a service that will enable both PC and mobile device users to stream live TV and access on-demand content.

As a Virgin Media customer myself, the taunts from friends who enjoy TV anywhere with the Sky Go app over the last year or so have gotten a bit much, as I’m sure it has for many others. The new service, called ‘Virgin TV Anywhere’, will finally give us something to shout about it seems.

All Virgin TV subscribers will be able to access the service, although the channels and content on offer will depend on the TV package that you subscribe to.

The service will be accessible from PCs and laptops via the browser, with customers logging in to a site using your customer details in a similar way to Sky Go. Mobile users will also get the chance to download a free app, which will also gain access to streaming and on-demand videos, as well as some other interesting features.

However, it looks as though Virgin Media will go the same route as Sky by starting off with an app for iOS devices only. It has already confirmed that other platforms, such as Android, will get an app in 2013, but hasn’t clarified exactly when. I’ll have my fingers crossed that they won’t be limiting the device compatibility quite so strictly as Sky have with the Sky Go app.

The mobile app(s), asides from for watching video on the go, will allow the user to link up to their Virgin Media cable box and manage pre-planned recordings, browse TV shows, check the news and also share TV content on various social networks.

Those fortunate enough to have one of the newer TiVo boxes from Virgin will also get an additional feature which allows a mobile device to be used as a second screen for telly watching. This means you could use your iPhone or iPad as a remote for your TiVo box for changing channels and setting recordings.

Virgin Media hasn’t confirmed exactly when the new service is due to launch, but we’re expecting to see it launch before the end of the year.

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