VLC Player May be Getting Chromecast Support

Google’s Chromecast is surprisingly good for the price, it does almost everything you could want from a streaming stick, and it’s about to get even better. The latest update for VLC player will be adding a “Chromecast output module”, for those of you unfamiliar with VLC it’s the one stop shop for all your media needs. VLC can handle more video and music formats than any other player I’ve come across, and to suggest it will finally get Chrome support is a fantastic addition.

So if this addition means what we expect it to, you’ll soon be able to cast what you are watching on VLC to the Chromecast. Currently Chromecast is really only good for playing media you view in browser via a streaming service, this would allow you to cast locally store media, great news for those of you with ill-gotten library’s full of films (let’s be honest that’s what most of you use VLC for).  It’s not an entirely new feature; there are a number of extensions that already let you add to the Chromecast’s abilities but to have one built into to your existing go to media player will make life easier.

We won’t know how it’ll all work and if this is even its intended use until the update is pushed out, but VLC recently reappeared in the iOS App Store, so it would seem the go to media player is going to be getting even better. Download it now, if you haven’t it’s an easy to use free to download do it all piece of software. Oh and buy a Chromecast, they’re really good.