Vodafone Slashes Price On iPhone 4S Contracts

Shopping around for the best prices when comes to purchasing the latest must-have gadget is a must – none more so for the new iPhone 4S – as Vodafone has already slashed its contract prices.

The new pricing structure does reflect what its competitors are offering – having achieved the award for the most expensive packages for the new Apple iPhone 4S – the retailer has slashed as much a £120 off the price in handset fees.

This follows yesterday’s announcement that Apple has taken over a million pre-orders, which then promted Vodafone to dropped the handset price from £359 to £239 for a £26 per month contract for 24-months.

Consumers looking to get some more minutes can get the handset on a £36 per month contract for £99, £199 or £269 for the 16, 32 or 64GB handset respectively. For that sort of money you can expect to land 600 free minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

It does seem like a odd decision to release a price structure, only to throw it out of the window within a week of its release – and the phone hasn’t even gone on sale yet.

It’s obvious that Vodafone was way off the mark for what an iPhone user is willing to pay for the new iPhone and with the new prices they are clearly looking to capitlise on the excitement of the iPhone 4 replacement.

If we were to impart some advice – it might be worth shopping around as much as possible – as we get closer to Christmas the networks are going to clambering over one another to try and sign you up – so shop around you never know where the next deal is going to be coming from.

The iPhone 4S is a substantially faster version of the current iPhone 4 with a much improved camera – its workhorse is the same chip you can find in the iPad 2, but it’s going up against stiff competition from the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation.

Apple confirmed that the launch of the iPhone will be October 14 and would be available on all four UK networks; Orange, Three, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

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