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Vodafone UK launches new ‘Tech Team’ Technical Support service

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UK mobile network Vodafone has announced the launch of a new technical support service for its customers, the Vodafone Tech Team.

The service will provide technical support to Vodafone mobile customers either in store, over the phone or online with their smartphone and mobile phone issues. Customers are urged to visit Vodafone’s YouTube page for easy to follow tutorials, while a team of 500 agents are available to take a support call at a Vodafone centre.

Customers can also email in with a technical query, or get in touch with the network socially via Facebook or Twitter.

Those who are having PC-related troubles, for instance with synchronising music and video to their phones, can be helped remotely using Vodafone LogMeIn Rescue. This service enables a Vodafone Tech Team member to take control of a customer’s computer and guide them through a process. The Gadget Helpline also uses LogMeIn and Rescue software to aid our own customers in PC, Laptop, Printer, Smartphone and iPod related troubles.

The network is also pushing a new service which it will offer in store as a part of the Tech Team – the Vodafone RED Box (Real-time Exchange Device). This nifty gadget allows store assistants to plug in your old phone and transfer contacts, messages and more across to your new phone when you upgrade with them. They claim that the box has connections to suit almost every phone, even some phones that are 10 years old or more.

The new Tech Team service sees Vodafone playing catch-up with rival network O2, who have been providing a similar service with their ‘O2 Guru’ scheme which also aims to help customers with smartphone troubles.

At The Gadget Helpline we’re surprised large companies and mobile networks have taken so long to catch on to the smartphone boom and to provide their customers with some sort of backup and assistance service.

We have been helping customers set up their new phones, learn how to get to grips with a first smartphone and more for over 5 years now, while many customers who upgrade with their network are left feeling stumped when they don’t know how to use their new phone, and most importantly who to call or where to go.

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