VR Update For The Year Ahead – What Could Be Virtually Hot Or Not

VR update incoming. Is virtual reality beginning to seem like something tech companies used to talk about a couple of years ago? So, feeling uncomfortable with the calm we had a look into developments. Lets see what’s cooking for the virtual year ahead…

Before we look ahead, it may be a good thing to go over what’s great about virtual reality and what’s not so great.

VR Update

Aside from moving away from a tethered cable there is very little change in virtual reality devices from last year to the next. We seem to have overcome the fear of Virtual reality on the whole; robotic overlords from The Matrix aside. With 5G speeds and virtual reality, developments have been seen across the board. These developments are especially beneficial in the medical field. Surgeons can now aid in operations virtually whilst not even being in the same country as the operating theater.

The Positives

You can train in almost any field with virtual reality. This can be done safely without the need of any equipment other than the VR headset. Virtual reality devices can free up company resources. Thus allowing employees to benefit from a safe environment while going through hazardous training. Training such as what to do in a fire for example. You can virtually create most environments including the office you work in. This would be beneficial for regular occurrences such as fire drills. 

We can also work on dangerous machinery and areas without any real danger. Through a special combination of 5G communications and virtual reality driving seats, operatives can now work in one part of the world while sitting in another with a headset on.

The Negatives

People can still hurt themselves in a virtual environment. Though this is quite hard to do if set up correctly the chance is always there. When set up correctly, the VR environs will warn you if you are moving close to the edges of your safe area. The largest negative we can see for the public is still the price. Most of the higher quality virtual reality devices are still fairly expensive. Most of them still require another device such as a console or PC to function correctly, this is, of course, another expense. Again, with the inclusion of 5G we can expect devices to start streamlining; most of the components required will be smaller and inside the headset.

VR Update Sales

For an insight into how the different brands are doing tap the image to visit the link regarding sales from 2017-2019:

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