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The Walking Dead from Telltale Walks onto Ouya this Winter

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It’s been announced that episodic zombie spin-off game The Walking Dead from Telltale will soon be unleashed on the Ouya console.

Starting with Season One coming this Winter, players of the £99 Android-based gaming gadget will get to immerse themselves in the highly acclaimed and award winning world of The Walking Dead comics as seen through the eyes of a new group of survivors and focusing on escaped convict Lee Everett and his daughter Clementine. Through the five story driven episodes the group meet with previously known characters such as Hershel and Glenn, who appear in both the comics and the hugely infectious televised adaptation.

Telltale reveals that Season One will appear along with the ‘400 Days’ downloadable extra which was recently released on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and a number of other platforms. This DLC is a standalone story and offer gamers a little something to sink their teeth into before Season Two arrives on all platforms, including Ouya.

The Gadget Helpline was fortunately enough to pick up our very own Ouya console which connects to your telly and is full of potential for gamers with all tastes. Titles range from simple and advanced with some familiar favourites, but the console also offers up a platform for newly developed games, many of which are free to play and downloadable through Google Play.

We’re excited to see how The Walking Dead fits in alongside the existing titles and hopefully the launch of a widely respected license will raise awareness of this originally crowd-funded Ouya platform, which is still the subject of much apprehension from the buying public.

The Gadget Helpine has given the Ouya a full review in a previous article which you can read again and our undying love for all things Walking Dead means we’ll be covering all the latest zombie game news to let you know exactly when this one is available on the Android device.