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WELT Smart Belt for Weight Loss Reaches Kickstarter Target

When fitness wearables set off I admit they felt very ‘faddish’. Some of the gimmicky wearables that hit the market looked gaudy, bulky and didn’t feel like they would carry any longevity in the tech or fitness market. Take smartwatches, which now range from the kitsch and borderline tacky but also, for the right price, you can find some really stylish ones that you could quite easily mistake for an actual luxury watch.

Wherever could they take this trend in smart wearables next? How about right where it counts? – Actually around your waistline.

Introducing the smart belt!

WELT is branded as “The Smart Belt for Fashion & Health” and is now well above its $30,000 crowdfunding target on Kickstarter. Initially shown off as a concept at the annual CES back in January and ‘accelerated’ by Samsung, the belt by WELT Corp. is now being sold starting at $149 for a WELT Classic with shipping estimated for January 2017.

The WELT Classic looks like a really nice leather belt with metallic zinc buckle, fairly standard at a glance. But the belt and its discrete buckle actually records your waist size, steps taken, sitting time and the amount you eat – and using these criteria as well as the WELT app it can give you a detailed analysis of your weight loss progress, while you watch the inches drop down on the belt notches!

The WELT belt carries an average 20 days charge and connects via micro USB to replenish off a mains adapter or USB outlet. It’s Android and Apple iOS compatible and syncs to its dedicated mobile software through Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity.

As well as the WELT Classic, there’s also option of the WELT Casual, WELT Premium and WELT Kickstarter Limited Edition – all of which look very fashionable but the higher the price the more luxury the finish and a choice of colours are available in each with gents and ladies versions, and various size options also available. It isn’t something you’d wear while exercising, like a smartwatch but it’s still a great idea for watching your figure!

Be sure to check out WELT: The Smart Belt for Fashion & Health on Kickstarter.

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