White Nokia Lumia 800 To Be Released This March – Free on Contracts Through Phones4U

England experienced a bit of a white-out over the weekend, with a nice layer of snowfall grinding the country to a halt. We thought it was all over. But it seems like the white coverage has only just begun! Today we’ve had news of new pale variants of both Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus and Nokia’s Lumia 800 Windows Phone – and it’s the latter which we have a bit more info about this afternoon..

The White Lumia was outted, without being outted, this morning in a Facebook photo posted on the official Nokia page. The photo revealed a clue to the arrival of a white variant and the easy to suss clue was addressed a short time later by Nokia themselves who confirmed the handset with a series of posed shots of the toneless gadget itself. The next questions, naturally, are when, where and how much?

UK retailer Phones4U is first out of the gate with its pre-order page going live within hours offering the White Nokia Lumia 800 this March, with recently upgraded Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) as operating system, 1.4GHz CPU, 3.7” AMOLED touchscreen display and 16GB RAM amongst its features (which we detail in full in a previous article) and all this, contained within a stylish White unbody casing, is free-of-charge on monthly contracts of £20.50 and above.   

“Now in white, the Lumia 800 brings with it a more premium look and feel with its gloss finish, and is packed with power and performance underneath its sleek body.” – says maker Nokia, and the gadget is said to feature a “White” themed uniform throughout, including wallpapers and skins and a few pre-installed music tracks including songs from artists such as The White Stripes – Clever.

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