UPDATE: White Lumia 800 Windows Phone Teased on Nokia Facebook Page (..Then Confirmed in Official Photos)

Finnish mobile co. Nokia has dropped a sneaky hint that the mandatory White variant of the ultra-popular Lumia 800 Windows Phone is on its way. The quite obvious clue / giveaway can be found in a new photo which has just recently appeared on the official Facebook page.

The photo is sectioned into four quarters each with a hand with colourfully painted fingernails holding an equally colourful matching mobile. The first aqua blue finger-nailed hand holds the original pale blue Lumia 800 handset. Besides that a black model, and below it pink. The fourth quarter in the bottom right features only a hand, without handset. So this means either Nokia have perfected some kind of transparent tech we don’t already know about (which is unlikely for the Gadget Helpline!) or the white painted nails represent what we’re all expecting – That a White Lumia 800 will soon be upon us!

The Nokia Lumia 800 first touched down in the UK on November 28th 2011. Bringing with it Microsoft’s newest update to it’s Windows Phone Platform, titled Mango, as well as a powerful 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM with 16GB storage and connectivity to SkyDrive and the updated Windows Phone OS which is presented on a 3.7” 800 x 480 resolution WVGA display.

Since that time we’ve also seen a very cool Dark Knight Rises variant based on the upcoming Batman film, which we suspect is still going to be quite a bit cooler than its future White sibling!

Since we covered this story (moments ago) official shots of the White Lumia 800 have emerged from Nokia. Enjoy!

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