White PS4 will be sold without Destiny later this year

It’s inevitable in every popular gadget’s life that it will get a cool white paint job, and that’s just the case for Sony’s PS4 which will arrive in alternate finish when the game Destiny arrives on September the 9th.

But don’t think negatively if developer Bungie’s latest title really isn’t your very pale cup of tea, because Sony suggests the console will also be released soon after without the game included!

The news comes straight from the top with Sony Worldwide President Shuhei Yoshida telling gaming news source Game One that the PS4 in white (standard 500GB with the same innards) will be released in Europe as a standalone unit with single DualShock 4 controller “later this year”.

With details still vague on a release date we can only guess it might be just in time for Christmas to try to hit another home run like the original black PS4 did in November 2013 with global pre-orders and live sales of the console contributing to 1-million units shifted in 24-hours from release.

This also gives Destiny players a month or so to brag about their cool consoles before the hardware hits the shelves for those wanting it sans software.

The White PS4 might be the most stylish variation of the console you can buy in stores but it’s hard to top the epic Bruce Lee inspired model that Mike Tyson is giving to one lucky winner via his Facebook page!