White Xbox Coming This Autumn?

You may remember that the Xbox One has already been re-released minus that expensive, but intuitive, Kinect sensor, which dropped the price down to the same as the Playstation 4, at £350 in the UK down from £400. This price drop successfully drove up sales in June with Xbox One sales effectively doubling in the US.

“Since the new Xbox One offering launched on June 9th, we’ve seen sales of Xbox One more than double in the US, compared to sales in May, and solid growth in Xbox 360 sales.”

So, all that considered, why are new rumors emerging that the Xbox One may return clad all in white for an October release? Could Microsoft have its hopes set on releasing a more pricey version of the console in a different colour to claw back some of that lost revenue?

Information has been posted on French website Micromania showing the console in white, with a tentative release date for October 28th this year. The console was shown as part of a bundle with the upcoming, and frankly awesome, Sunset Overdrive, which is also seeing an October 28th release.

The white Xbox One

The white Xbox One isn’t a new thing, as Microsoft employees have had exclusive access to the console in this colour since release, however a release for the consumer hasn’t been seen yet. Our sources below have reported that the white console will be bundled with Sunset Overdrive ‘later this year’.

Although when questioned Microsoft did not admit to having anything to announce at this time, the web page was pulled in true Microsoft style, in a similar fashion to earlier leaks for Windows and Surface.

Sony is also jumping on the white console bandwagon, with a release confirmed for a white PS4 bundled with Bungie’s upcoming action shooter Destiny coming next month, and is also planning a standalone release in Europe for the white Playstation 4 on September 9th.

If you have plans to go next gen this autumn, now’s the time to do it, with the price drop for the Xbox One and the choice of a standalone Kinect for later purchase and Destiny coming for PS4, the future’s bright for the new generation. Stay tuned for further updates.

Via: Techradar