White Xbox Confirmed With New Bundles

The white Xbox One was confirmed in the last few days at GamesCom 2014, a console recently rumored due to its inclusion, albeit briefly, on a French website earlier this month. The console, previously only available to Microsoft employees, is now hitting stores along with a few new bundles.

Interestingly, all the new bundles which were announced at Microsoft’s GamesCom 2014 press event, all come without Kinect. With the release of Kinect as a standalone device for both Xbox One and Windows, could this mean that the console is now officially without the amazing sensor as standard? It does seem that way, as Kinect was also dropped from the standalone console to reduce the price recently.

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There are three bundles, including a white bundle for Sunset Overdrive, a new shooter game from Insomniac that features hectic, madcap gameplay and bright, clashing visuals. Also there’s a COD Advanced Warfare themed console and controller bundle coming, as well as a FIFA 15 bundle which includes the game and an original black Xbox One.


The Sunset Overdrive bundle, featuring the all-new white Xbox One

The Sunset Overdrive bundle is going to set you back £349.99 and launches alongside the game on 28 October. It includes the new all white console, the new white controller, a digital copy of the Sunset Overdrive and also Day One Edition freebies.

The awesome COD Advanced Warfare special edition console and controller.

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle is a bit more pricey, at At £429, but ocmes with by far the best extras, a customised console and controller covered in exclusive Advanced Warfare decals, plus an equally skinned chat headset. On top of that you also get a massive 1TB hard drive for storage, special in-game sound effects, additional in-game content and (here’s the big one) an exclusive chance to play Advanced Warfare before everybody else – on the 3rd November.

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The FIFA 15 standard Xbox One bundle.

The slightly more humble FIFA 15 bundle comes with the standard black console, a controller and the game in the form of a download code, similar to when the console was launched. It will be available on the 25th of September.

So there you have it, new consoles, new games, new look. Xbox One is gearing up for this Autumn.

Source: Forbes