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Nintendo Wii U Update 3.0 Arrives Today – New Services, Settings & Faster Performance

Nintendo has finally released a major update for its Wii U home console is now ready which is promised to improve overall performance, addressing those lagging load times which have troubled early owners since the gaming gadget’s launch back in November.

Wii U Update 3.0 is now available for owners to install and offers the following improvements and additions:

Standby Functions will allow owners to download and automatically install purchased content such as games and apps as well as service updates even when the console is turned off, provided the console is linked to an active WiFi connection.

The Miiverse will now support the original Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller and Classic Controller. Handwritten posts will now be displayed on the main TV screen as well as the GamePad and comments now include an ‘undo/redo’ option.

Nintendo’s Internet Brower now supports Wii Remote and Wii U Pro Controller and a choice of search engines will be available to switch between when browsing. Web user will also be able to navigate to the start page from bookmarks.

When downloading an item such as a game or app from the Nintendo eShop the console will now also automatically download and install any available updates for that software.

The Download Management feature introduces the ability to reorder downloads and rather than accepting to install an item when it has finished downloading it will automatically install by itself.

Parental Control over non-gaming software will be managed differently with a change to ‘Viewing Distributed Videos’ setting seeing it become ‘Entertainment Excluding Games’ and this will bring up a consent option before any video content can be played.

When turning on the console owners can now press the B button at the logo screen to go straight to the Wii U Menu using the default user’s details. If no default has been selected owners will be prompted to select a user account.

The Wii U System Settings receive a number of notable changes –

It is now possible to use two USB devices in the Data Management section for moving, copying and deleting data between the console and the storage devices themselves. Also within the Data Management selection owners can also edit data for a number of software titles.

TV options now allow for changing the display size of all content to the television screen rather than within individual software such as Internet Browser, Miiverse and Nintendo eShop.

‘Auto Power-Down’ now becomes ‘Power Settings’ and users can toggle settings here for both auto power-down and a new standby function.

And most importantly of all..

Improvements have been made to the System Stability bringing more convenient load times for the console overall as well as the built-in apps. The time it takes to jump between different content such as the Miiverse to apps and games.

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More details on today’s Wii U update can be found across Nintendo’s official websites: