Window 8 full build leaked on eBay – Official pre-beta expected today

Want the latest build of Windows 8, the crossover desktop and tablet operating system? Look no further than online car boot sale eBay to find the latest (leaked) version of the anticipated Microsoft OS – 2 months before its expected release at the BUILD Developer Conference.

We wouldn’t seriously suggest that you take the not-so-legit route – this is simply an amusing observation and we very much doubt you’d be willing to fork out the $1500 price tag some are asking to get the ‘real Windows 8 Milestone leaked CD” which is officially set to drop in September – with a pre-beta build expected today at the Windows Partner Conference. This is if Twitter source @MSFTtm can be trusted. They’ve played the Windows 8 guessing game before, tweeting details of previous builds and more often than not hit the mark spot on.

In regards to the listings on eBay – Does ‘real’ indicate that these copies have escaped from the House of M vaults or are they a bootleg? It’s uncertain. But interested parties should act fast to avoid this getting pulled when Big Ballms gets wind of the swindle!

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