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Window Phone 8 Rotating Keyboard Spotted on HTC Smartphone (Leak)

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This leaked image has supposedly escaped from Microsoft’s Windows Phone research division and made its way into the hand of revealing what seems to be a new “dial” formation to the touch keyboard on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 mobile OS.

The photo, which admittedly looks pretty intriguing, unfortunately also reeks of fakery and something doesn’t quite line-up – literally.

The speculated new interface features curved edge and presumably the dial shape would be navigated by a single thumb swipe on the gadget’s touchscreen and considering the button layout would suggest that typing would require multiple taps on each key to get the letter we want, just like the physical keys on older mobile devices and forsaking the current QWERTY keyboard model. 

The smartphone featured here is an unspecified device with the branding of Microsoft mobile partner HTC and could possibly suggest a prototype of one of the Taiwanese co.’s WP8 offerings is also doing the rounds. However, take a look at the text on screen. It doesn’t really match up, does it? – Hence our scepticism.

The Gadget Helpline will be following all things leading up to and beyond the launch of Windows Phone 8 and will seek to find the truth of the matter for our readers.

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