The app for Windows 10 that interacts with the Xbox one has recently been given a fresh set of upgrades, plus the speculation continues on just what cross compatibility features will be coming next for the console and the operating system.

Already we’ve learned that games from the Xbox will be playable on the PC, meaning that players will be able to access games form their console on the PC, but new announcements and the latest update may include new features.

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The app has seen the addition of some key new features, such as being able to virtually send commands to the console via controller input from the PC. This means apps can be controlled from your computer whilst they run on the console – games will be pretty difficult to control with the on screen input, but I’m sure some people will give it a try.

Some minor updates included adding the new compatibility for the accessing game clips, friends lists, access the activity feed and post comments there, as well as new interface tweaks that make profile viewing easier. Glitches with screen sizes and resolution compatibility.

Microsoft have not only updated the Windows 10 OS version of the Xbox app, but also included better compatibility for Xbox accessories. A new wireless adapter is on the way, which will allow owners of any accessory that works with the Xbox one to also use their kit on Windows 10 PCs.

It’s not just the app that’ll be seeing major upgrades – Microsoft has been in talks recently to see if it’s feasible for games that are installed on the PC to be streamed in the opposite direction – onto the Xbox One. This will mean the experience will be totally seamless, buying a game on one device means it’ll be usable on the other.

Dedicated developer tools are also coming for console app developers to get their programs onto the PC version, indeed Microsoft has already undertaken a limited release of an Xbox Live source developer kit to some software makers. this will allow console apps to also arrive on the Xbox app on Windows 10.

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It’s easy to see what Windows 10 will mean for Xbox One owners – the gaming experience on the console won;t be limited to just that single device, users on the PC will be able to enjoy seamless content transfer between the two devices, as long as both are turned on.

With Windows 10 also coming to mobile devices, it’s pretty obvious that Xbox Live will be with you pretty much all of the time, provided you stick with Microsoft products.

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Source: Xbox Windows 10 Site