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Try Out Windows Phone 7 on your iPhone or Android Smartphone, for Free!

iPhone or Android smartphone owners may have recently considered jumping ship to Windows Phone, especially after all the hype and marketing surrounding the new Nokia Lumia 800.

Microsoft has also picked up on this, and seen it as an opportunity to try and convert people to their way of thinking. The software giant has developed a very cool online interactive simulator for the iPhone and for Android devices, which lets you effectively use Windows Phone 7, for free.

The website is perfect for those who have considered getting a Windows Phone but don’t want to dive in with both feet. By simply navigating to with your phone’s browser, you’ll be able to check out many of the features of Windows Phone, enjoy its simple colourful interface and much more.

From our experience in using Windows Phones since they were first released, we can tell you that the simulator is pretty great, and it really feels as though you’re using a Windows Phone in the flesh, and not your iPhone.

Everything runs smoothly, which makes the interactive tile menu system look very attractive indeed, especially to a prospective Windows Phone adoptee, we can imagine. Microsoft has designed the page using HTML 5 rather than flash, so you can be assured everything is speedy and smooth.

When you’ve delved deep into a menu, the back button in the Safari browser of the iPhone or the Android browser will act as the physical back button on a real Windows Phone would, taking you back one stage in the menu per press.

At the end of the demo you’ll get the option to check out some of the Windows Phones that are currently available, which is pretty neat. UK and European readers beware though; Microsoft is advertising several U.S-only phones here, so look out for the ‘4G’ models, as these aren’t available outside the U.S.

Unfortunately you can’t make calls, take pictures or send text messages with the simulator, but it is a great tool to get people used to the OS and to learn about it. Remember folks, it’s not all about the iPhone and Android – Windows Phone is out there!

Check it out for yourself now by heading to this link on your smartphone:

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