Windows Phone 7.5 Update Now a Necessity to Download and Update Apps

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Microsoft warned us about it, and now they’ve done it: Those still running the original Windows Phone 7 software will no longer be able to download and update apps, until they update to version 7.5.

Smartphones from the likes of HTC, LG and Samsung were launched over a year ago when Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7, but since then the company has overhauled the software with a major update to version 7.5, also known as ‘Mango’.

For a while the update was tricky for everyone to get, but now every Windows Phone in the world either has it or can easily be upgraded to it by the user. Microsoft is taking this action as a way to ensure everybody is updated and that its platform progresses forward smoothly.

New phones such as the Lumia 710, 800 and 900 will already run Windows Phone 7.5, so there’s no problem there. However, if you picked up a Windows Phone in 2011, before Autumn time, then the chances are it had the original 7.0 software on it.

If you’re not sure and you don’t want to lose out on apps and updates, there’s an easy way you can check: Simply open Settings, scroll down and select ‘About Phone’. Next to software information you’ll see if you have version 7.0 or 7.5.

Alternatively you can open Settings and then Phone Update and get your phone to check for updates. If there is one, all you need to do is firstly install either Zune for your PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector for your Mac, then plug in the phone and wait for the update process to begin.

Updating is easy and takes around 30 minutes, and once you’re done you’ll be assured access to the Marketplace so that you can download new apps and update your existing ones. Make sure you do it now!

Zune Download

Windows Phone 7 Connector Download

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