Windows Phone 7.8 update could be coming to Nokia and ZTE Phones on 28th November

With Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 mobile OS now taking over all new WP-sporting smartpones it’s now looking like the 7.8 update that was promised to older Widows Phone users will also be released to handsets in the coming days.

Multiple sources have suggested that the Windows Phone 7.8 update will be landing on a range of Windows 7 (or 7.5 Mango, to be specific) phones this week .

Reasonably reliable Windows Phone-loving website WPDang has been given information that alludes to a November 28th release date for the software upgrade to be released on handsets, and after the same source successfully leaked information regarding the Nokia Lumia phones in the past we are quite inclined to listen intently to their rumour.

The update itself will come to the full range of previous Nokia Lumia smartphones such as the 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900, as well as the ZTE Tania smartphone, all of which run off the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango software.

Back when Microsoft announced its new Windows Phone 8 update the company caused an uproar as it announced that older WP7 smartphones would not be able to upgrade to the new software, which at the time had only been out on the market for less than a year.

Microsoft has since announced the 7.8 update that will bring some of the new features of Windows Phone 8 to older Windows Phone 7 devices. You can see a list of these features here:

Nokia confirms Windows Phone 8 features coming to Lumia 800, 900 and 710 in 7.8 update

Hopefully Microsoft will let us know about the update in the coming days, although users will still possibly have to wait for network updates and changes to be implemented before the update rolls out to all handsets.

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