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Windows Phone Office Updates Imminent

In response to increased frustration from Windows Phone users around the subject of Windows updates for Office which usually make no mention of Windows Phone, Office’s Joe Belfiore dropped a blog post revealing that users of Microsoft’s mobile platform won’t be left out as new Office versions and features appear.

According to the post, pictured below, the Office aficionado posted that prior to Chinese New Year users should be able to hear a bit more about the future of Office for Windows Phone – a platform that may soon be converted over to Windows 10.

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Posting on Chinese site Weibo, Belfiore outlined both his company’s desire to get the user base informed of Office changes before February 19th, but also that several features will arrive on the platform for China only.

Windows Phone certainly has the tools and the capabilities to support more advanced Office versions.

Whether he was speaking of the upcoming planned event for all Windows products on January 21st, later this month, is not known, as it may be that a cross-platform announcement for Windows Phone, or Windows 10 on mobiles, may include specifications and additional information on a new version or an updated version of Office for mobile.

“I want to assure you that our Office team has not forgotten Windows Phone – we’re just aligning all of our news and announcements to a single event. You’ll hear much more about what we have planned before Chinese New Year.”

– Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group

Indeed, from what we have heard Windows 10 is set to head to mobiles, and the Office App is expected to require the new OS for future Office versions. Windows Phone users have been expressing frustration over poorly implemented Windows Phone versions of Office, as users on Android and iOS experience better, more well publicized versions of the product.

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However, Office updates are set to be cross platform with Windows 10 from now on, if the ‘unified operating system’ concept is to hold true. Hopefully in the upcoming announcement on the 21st we’ll be able to get a better idea of what Office can do on mobile.

For now though, it’s good to hear the Microsoft themselves have no abandoned Windows Phone Office users, and that the product will soon be updated.

Source: Windows Central

Via: TechRadar