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Withdraw Cash Using Your Mobile Not Your Card With NatWest and RBS

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Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you go to withdraw cash only to find that you left your card, or worse – your wallet – at home? You’re left feeling pretty stumped, but that feeling could soon be banished with a new way to withdraw cash using your mobile.

RBS and NatWest have both upgraded their smartphone applications to include a new initiative called GetCash, which aims to allow you to withdraw cash using a smartphone. You won’t need your bank card, just an iOS, Android or BlackBerry smartphone and one of the apps loaded up.

The system isn’t as limited as contactless card payments either, and users are allowed to withdraw up to £100 at a time and at multiple points during one 24 hour period.

All you need to do is fire up the app and wait for a 6-digit code, which you’ll then need to enter into a compatible cashpoint. Both apps also allow you the ability to forward a code to somebody else, allowing them to withdraw a pre-set amount (determined by you) at a cashpoint.

While many will avoid using such a service for fears of security risks, both banks are keen to stress that the method is just as secure as using the good old chip and pin system. A spokesperson for both banks said:

“GetCash will offer customers an easy fix for lost or forgotten cards, a way to get cash quickly to family members or friends in need, or a choice of leaving their wallet at home in favour of their mobile phone.

“You could send that code as a text to anyone, and they could go to any RBS group cash machine, input it and get themselves out of trouble.”

Each code is valid for 3 hours, and after that it becomes unusable by anybody. The app itself is also password protected, so only you will be able to get in – just make sure you choose a secure password.

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