World’s first Skype “booth” appears in Estonia

Skype has combined past and future with their latest gadget unveiled in Estonia last week.

Remember the old public phone boxes? They’re still there, if you look hard enough. Most are in a state of disuse and used only by late night revelers who can’t make it home in time to pee. But once upon a time they were our only form of phone communication when away from home.

With the advent of mobile phones and smartphones in particular making the big red box near-extinct, and video calling become ever more popular, Skype, the online voice and video chat service, has combined old and new to bring the world its first “Skype booth” to the Tallin Airport in Estonia.

The Skype booth functions just like your desktop or mobile chat allowing both voice calls and video calls on a 22-inch touchscreen, with a headset installed for keeping calls personal. The booth also has a sensor on the floor which recognizes when a caller enters, activating the booth and for extra privacy a wall divides the inside from the overhearing public outside.

Log-in with your existing username and password for free Skype to Skype calls just as you would at home or use a credit scheme for non-Skype communications. Forgot to log-out? No worries. Remember that pressure sensitive floor? Once you step out of the booth it automatically logs you out of Skype. Nobody will be privy to your private conversations or have access to your account info.

So – Why Estonia? A little random, you may think, but the town of Tallin was actually the birthplace of Skype back in 2003, and the 21st century twist on the phone box was definitely over with the people of the Estonian capital. Plans are already in action to bring the service worldwide with rumour circulating the service will hit the States soon.

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