WWE Network to Roll Out Adverts Between Shows

WWE Network subscribers were informed today via email that the wrestling on-demand service will begin showing adverts between its programming.

The $9.99 per month online streaming service which hosts hours upon hours of current and classic professional wrestling footage has thus far been unhindered by any commercial plugs but from today a change in the way the WWE Network runs will introduce ‘limited video advertisements’ to the app for Android and iOS devices, Xbox and web browsers.

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The WWE suggests this will not impair the viewing enjoyment of the millions (..and millions!) of subscribers who (where global region permits) can tune into live broadcasts of weekly highlights, monthly PPVs and original programming as well as accessing a vault of historical WWE, WWF, WCW and ECW matches and moments.

The email to subscribers clarifies:

Dear WWE Network Subscriber,

Today WWE Network will begin to run limited video advertisements.

Here’s what you can expect:

• No commercial breaks during scheduled programming
• Limited advertising between shows
• Occasional advertising before our video-on-demand content

If you have any questions regarding your subscription, please visit wwe.com/help. Thank you for being a WWE Network subscriber.

WWE Network Support

We’re unsure the nature of the advertising that will be shown during streaming. Whether it will be the WWE company’s own products or sponsors such as Mountain Dew it’s yet to meet our eyes – having not yet received the WWE Network here in the UK or have any indication of when it might arrive.

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