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WWE Supercard digital card game launched

Not only satisfied with taking over the on-demand broadcast world with the WWE Network and laying the smackdown on next generation consoles with WWE 2K15 the McMahon wrestling empire looks to grapple its way into the digital card game arena with WWE Supercard which is launched today.

WWE Supercard is developed by app maker Cat Daddy Games, a subsidiary of WWE publishing partner 2K Games and will allow wrestle fans to collect up to 400 digital cards available at launch and these will vary in rarity just like the printed cards from our childhoods and featuring current superstars from today including John Cena and divas like AJ Lee, as well as legends from yesteryear such as The Rock.

These cards can be played solo like Top Trumps or combined to create custom teams for online games and in various famous match types against other collectors. The game will be played through the visually lavish app which is available for Android and iOS devices and scores will be ranked a worldwide leader-board and a ‘King of the Ring’ tournament. Updates and new cards will become available periodically in an ever enhancing game experience.

Collectable card games are making their way back with a new twist for the technological age thanks to the likes of Hearthstone which is a strategy game based on characters from the World of Warcraft and the WWE Supercard game is the newest, free to play from the Google Play, Amazon App Store and Apple Appstore.