Xbox 720 will be called just ‘Xbox’, will interact with ‘X-Surface’ gaming tablet

Despite the name sticking well and truly, it looks as though Microsoft might not be going with ‘Xbox 720’ as the name for its new console. Pocket-Lint has secured exclusive info from a source very close to the project, who says the new console will simply be called ‘Xbox’.

Of course, there’s technically already an Xbox in existence, but the hype generated for the new console is probably enough to make people forget about the original. The anonymous source claims that almost all of the recent specification rumours regarding the new console are on-point, which confirms the 8-core AMD processor and 800MHz graphics chip.

However, each core will be running at a powerful 1.9GHz and not the previously reported 1.6GHz. The source also claims that the console will run a new operating system that is very similar to Windows 8, with customisable layouts and movable ‘tiles’ for apps.

The Xbox sounds extremely powerful, with reports of around 60fps when playing even the most demanding games, including Watch Dogs, which was demoed at last year’s E3. The octa-core processor will be capable of multitasking, with one example described as picture-in-picture Skype video calling when gaming, with a movable video calling window.

Not content on letting slip information on the forthcoming console, Pocket-Lint’s source also confirmed the existence of the much-rumoured Xbox tablet. Microsoft will be making more than one device that will link up with the Xbox itself, which will act as a central hub, but the biggest one will be called the ‘X-Surface’; a gaming tablet built by Microsoft.

The tablet will not run Windows 8 or RT but an altogether different OS that is likely to closely match that of the home console. Upon launch the tablet will be able to seed content from the Xbox, including games, music and video. It will eventually get apps and games of its own, but to start with it will be an Xbox accessory, of sorts.

As you might expect from a gaming tablet, the hardware side of things is said to be very powerful. Although no exact specs have been revealed, the source claimed to have watched the tablet playing the power-hungry Unreal Engine 3 demo at an impressive 60fps, which has left us chomping at the bit to see it in the flesh.

The tablet is also said to pack 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, which would pave the way for wireless Xbox gamepads – perhaps you’ll be able to switch between the Xbox console and the X-Surface with the same controllers.

Unfortunately the source could not confirm when the Xbox and X-Surface would be revealed, leaving the rumour mill wide open to speculate on an E3 or second half of 2013 launch. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

UPDATE: Much to our dismay, the information leaked to Pocket-Lint turned out to be a hoax.