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Xbox 720 To Be Unveiled At Next Year’s E3?

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Microsoft will announce the successor to their Xbox 360 at next year’s E3 according to developer Crytek. Apparently they are already making a game for it, namely TimeSplitters 4, which is of course an it’s a in-direct spin-off of the Goldeneye games and, of course, an Xbox 360 launch title way back when.

Apparently the specs for the console are yet to be finalised, but the developer is working with DirectX 11 as a basis for the next-generation development.

The console will be announced, according to Crytek, at next year’s E3 2012 – according to the dev Microsoft is determined to beat Sony to the punch. And the plot thickens as the developer is also investing resources into next-generation Playstation development suggesting Sony is gearing up to a unveil in the future too.

The information has come to light through who have spoke to a senior sources at Crytek, they have stated that TimeSplitters 4 is currently being demonstrated internally and is being built with the impressive CryEngine 3 – the game was apparently shown behind closed doors at E3 last week.

The source reports that the graphics on TimeSplitters 4 are noticeably improved over current generation technology, with the DX11 tessellation effects allegedly having a huge impact on the visuals. Crytek believes that the game – and CryEngine 3 itself – will be seen as the cornerstone of next-generation development.

Crytek has invested heavily in DirectX 11 development primarily to focus on the new consoles, with the upcoming DX11 patch for the PC version of Crysis 2 being used internally as a benchmark of anticipated hardware trends.