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Xbox One External Storage support “coming soon”!

Microsoft’s Xbox One console may well be the next generation in gaming and home entertainment, but the new console is still lacking a few features that the previous Xbox 360 console had. One of these features is the external storage options that the 360 had for USB devices.

Features like the ability to expand your Xbox Ones memory and to play external media is something that we at the Gadget Helpline use a lot on our consoles, and it’s something that holds a few of us back from upgrading to the next gen Xbox One.

However in a Reddit chat, Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, otherwise known as Major Nelson has once again confirmed that the feature is coming. He stated:

“External game storage is coming soon….I need to check on media support,”

So a non-committal on any kind of date there, but at least we know that the feature is coming, and we hope it comes soon as there really is no reason that the Xbox One should have less features than its predecessor.

The external memory sources allow users with picture, music and videos to display the media through their console, and enjoy files on the Xbox devices.

Having this on the One might just be the final piece to the puzzle for many gamers who want an Xbox 360 upgrade.

However a few are sceptical about Microsoft’s plans, with one of the Gadget Helpline team stating: “I bet Microsoft find a way to ruin it”.