Xbox One June Update coming before 12th June in the UK – Destination Brazil and OneGuide

Microsoft has already detailed the next major update for the Xbox One console, a few weeks ago, but now we are in June some confirmation has come as to what us folks in the UK will be getting from the Xbox One June software update.

One of the major new additions, and just in time for the Football world cup will be the Xbox One dedicated World Cup hub, called Destination Brazil and the Brazil Now companion application.

This will run alongside the OneGuide TV service, which will be working for the first time in the UK with the update, and will link its abilities to the World Cup service to provide live matches from Brazil.

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The actual OneGuide service will allow users to get will allow users to control a set-top box connected to the console’s HDMI pass-through port by using Kinect voice commands. It’s will also allow you to see a host of new entertainment and meta data associated with the connected services.

Now weather this will be available for all HDMI Enabled boxes or not is another thing, but word is that on release SKY and Virgin boxes will work, but YouView devices will not.

The One Guide update will also go live across Europe too with users in France, Canada, Spain, Italy and Germany all getting a similar service.

We also can guess that the Xbox One June update will be landing in the next 2 weeks as the World Cup kicks off with Brazil versus Croatia on 12 June, and Microsoft have previously confirmed that they will have the features live by the time the football Tournament begins.

The June update will also include long awaited USB External Drive support where an additional 2 USB 3.0 Hard Drives can be added to the device for game and media storage.