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Microsoft Updates Xbox Live Gold Features for Xbox One & 360


So, yesterday there were a few changes announced by Microsoft about the Xbox Live service they provide and the Gold Membership that you can purchase for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

The most exciting changes to take place are the adjustments being made to ‘Games with Gold’ which is set to be launched in June for the Xbox One *punches air with glee*. This means every month you will be able to access two free games from Xbox Live as long as you have Gold Membership. With the Xbox One this is kind of a big deal as the games are not long released anyway… the first two games that will be available with Games with Gold are Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault, both games only being about 7 months old and both being quality releases (admittedly not exactly blockbusters but none the less pretty damn good for free).

As Xbox One users are now getting something that was exclusive to 360 owners it is only fair that loyal fans and 360 owners have something to celebrate too, and Microsoft have delivered on this level too!

First off Microsoft will be delivering a bonus game on the 360 in the month of June to Gold Members; this bonus game will be Super Street Fight IV: Arcade Edition. Other games to be released in June will be the epic release that is Dark Souls and Charlie Murder (no, I’ve never heard of it either).

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What else? Oh, DISCOUNTS! Deals with Gold will become available for the Xbox One from June onwards, with the first price cuts being made to Ryse and Forza 5. In the future there will be savings of up to 75% on other titles! In addition to this, exclusively to the Xbox One, Microsoft are launching a VIP room purely for Gold Members where they will have free games, additional monthly deals and “other great benefits”.

Microsoft aren’t just adding things to their services but taking things away as well. Things that maybe we don’t like or don’t consider necessary… Namely, the need to have Gold Membership to access apps that you are already paying for such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

You can now access a number of apps without the need for Gold Membership although you will still next Gold Membership to enjoy all of the benefit of being part of the Live community, anyway, check out the table below to get a full detailing on what has really changed. Looks like June is going to be good for gaming!