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Xbox One Soon To Stream Games To PCs

Microsoft’s January 21st conference and press event showed off some interesting new products and services from the company. In our first of a trio of articles covering the event, we’ll explore how the new Windows 10 operating system will interact with the Xbox One, as well as additional Windows 10 content and updates coming to the console later in the year.

During the announcements, Xbox head Phil Spencer took to the stage to explain how the console would interact with the new Windows 10 operating system on PC’s, laptops and mobile devices. One of the main initiatives for Windows 10 and Xbox One is to combine the multiplayer communities on PC and console.

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Three main new additions to Xbox Live, which will integrate with Windows 10, are designed to make this seamless play possible. A dedicated Xbox App is to be made for Windows 10 on PC, which includes features seen on the Xbox One – Games, Friends, Messages, Activity Feed and Achievements. The app can be used if you play PC or Xbox One games, or both, and on PC looks similar, but not the same, as an Xbox One dashboard.

On top of the app, all games with multiplayer capabilities will work together over both Xbox One and Windows 10 – players on both platforms can come together in cross platform game sessions. You can also message and chat with friends through Xbox Live party chat between both platforms as well.

The integration between the OS and the console are not limited to just dashboard features and multiplayer, Xbox One owners will be able to directly stream their games over to their Windows 10 devices. Users on a home network will be able to play games with Windows 10 PC as well as tablets.

To showcase this technology, the upcoming title Fable Legends will be released on Windows 10 PCs and the Xbox One on the exact same date – multiplayer functions will be available cross platform from day one. Microsoft also promised that future franchises and titles from Microsoft Games would be engineered to take advantage of this capability.

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Finally, Microsoft also announced the inclusion of DirectX 12 graphics technology, and the ability to record, edit and share footage of games as played by you on Windows 10 PCs by pressing the Windows button and G together. The recording works on multiple services, including Xbox Live and Steam, as well as other services, which may possibly include EA Origin.

During the next few days the Windows 10 Tech Preview will be made open to the public, and users will be able to use an early version of the Xbox App on the test build of the operating system.

Source: Xbox Wire

Via: Techspot