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Twitch in-game broadcasting for Xbox One is now live

Live game streaming on the Xbox One is now possible thanks to the addition of the Twitch app that arrived recently in the console’s March update.

We reported last week that Microsoft’s mid-March update was starting to arrive, but users were noticing that Twitch wasn’t working right away. The service has now gone live, allowing gamers to stream what they’re playing to others as well as tune in and watch other gamers.

To get started you’ll need to download an update for the app from the Store and create a Twitch account, but after that you’re free to start showing off – or watching and learning, depending on how you want to use the service.

Using the app is pretty simple: you can either start a broadcast via the dashboard or when you’re in game via Kinect, using the phrase “Xbox, broadcast”. This allows others to view your gameplay in real time, with a live feed of you playing appearing in the top right from Kinect’s camera.

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There’s also a chat window on the right where viewers can discuss what’s going on in the game. With your Kinect feeding video by default, it’s probably best to not start a broadcast when you’re in the middle of a marathon FIFA 14 season, lounging around in your pants.

PC gamers have been live streaming their content for a long time now, but due to limitations in the last generation of home console hardware it’s not been possible to play and stream content in decent quality at the same time. With the Xbox One and PS4 both featuring much more powerful and capable hardware, apps like Twitch are only the beginning.

Will you be broadcasting or watching?