Xbox One September Update Already Available

The latest Xbox One update originally expected in September has already emerged less than two weeks after the August firmware was rolled out with some even reporting that it’s available and installing onto consoles today.

Upgrades detailed one Microsoft website for the coming month’s Xbox One firmware (6.2.11507.0) mention a new Media Player app which will allow play from attached USB drives, DNLA connection for home networking and will also support new files types in the coming months. These formats include MPEG 2, MKV and gif giving the Xbox One a greater range of playback options then the Xbox 360.

Party app improvements allow someone to become a party leader with a new selection of setting. The party leader will be able to invite and remove attendees. There is also the chance for anybody in the party to view what others in the group are up to and which games they are playing.

Smartglass features will be added such as the option to post status messages and game clips from the Activity feed remotely from a mobile device and personalise the feed from your profile. Messaging has an improve new layout and a What’s New page has been added.

Other new features have been added for global regions which have been available in the UK for some time and full details of all the improvements can be can be read in full on the Xbox One Update page and also explained in Microsoft’s official video below:

So far we have not had any reports for Xbox One owners who have received the September update of any undesirable side effects such as the error 0X80820002 which damaged disc readers in the previous update.