Xbox One UK priced at £429, released worldwide in November 2013 – MS Points dropped

After a long wait, Microsoft has announced that they will be releasing the next generation Xbox One in November 2013 and they have confirmed it will be coming to 21 markets around the world on release.

The Xbox One will be priced at $499.99 for folks in the US and £429.99 for us in the UK. Our European friends will be able to pick up the next gen console for €499 too, but at the moment MS haven’t revealed just what EU countries will be getting the console.

The pricing is a little more than many expected as it was hoped to be a sub-£400 machine, but with some impressive exclusive and non-exclusive games coming to the machine we are still very excited.

What’s more; Microsoft have confirmed that they will be dropping the long standing Microsoft Points system in favour for a localised currency. So in the UK we will see all of our pricing in pound sterling and it should make our purchases a lot easier to manage.

All this information was revealed at the E3 gaming Expo in Los Angeles where Microsoft have just shown off over 20 games coming to the new console including Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Killer Instinct and a brand new game called Titanfall which looks epic.