Xbox One Update Landing on Consoles Now

A new Xbox One system update has been released and owners of Microsoft’s next gen console in the UK should begin noticing its effects very soon.

In a briefing from ‘Major Nelson’ aka Microsoft’s Director of Programming, Larry Hryb, we were informed of the benefits of installing the latest Xbox One update which comes with features based on user feedback and suggestions. Most noticeably these will include a dashboard change in the Game and Apps section with visual notifications of your game save points in the form of a progress bar. You’ll also now be informed of game and app updates which might be ongoing or that have been installed recently.

Our friend’s activity will be more prominently featured with notifications and friends identified when in multiplayer games, so you’ll be able to join the same online game that a mate is involved in by locating them on the list. This very useful feature is one that Microsoft has taken on following gamer suggestions.

The sensitivity of the Kinect should see some improvement, with both gesture and voice commands receiving a much needed tweak and it’s expected that video and Blu-Ray quality will be higher with 50Hz output for recorded game footage. A big issue that Microsoft has also addressed is static from headset audio and this will be reduced when the new update is installed and users can expect better wireless connectivity from the controller in general.

The Xbox One update will happen automatically, either while your console is idle in standby mode or when you power on your console and it receives an internet signal. Of course, these things take time and if you don’t wake up to your update already installed, persevere as your system will advise when the update is available for you, and it will download and install via your internet connection.  As Xbox One users should now be aware, patience is essential.

If you’re yet to join the next gen revolution, Xbox One with Titanfall is now discounted to £349 at Asda and Amazon. Check out the Gadget Helpline’s coverage for more on the deal!