Xbox One Update Tunes Up Sound Mixer and Adds System Update Button

Xbox One users will be receiving the console’s latest firmware right about now and following on from last month’s chat and socially heavy upgrades this one will be stacked with new features and tweaks for sound as well as a useful button allowing any-time updating.

With Xbox One system firmware 6.2.10951.0Sound Mixer can now be found under Settings and Display & Sound and allows control over audio options in Snap, a feature which allows you to multi-task with favourite apps. Sound Mixer lets you adjust one apps volume greater or less than one of the other. Chat Mixer similarly lets you balance the volume of apps and chat through Kinect.

Speaking of Kinect, along with this update Microsoft is putting in an opt-in feature which will record user data relating to voice command allowing future updates to improve the quality of speech recognition from the peripheral. To take part and contribute you can do so by entering your Xbox One’s Privacy & Online Safety settings and allowing Share Voice Data. If you don’t want you tones captured for research purposes you don’t have to do anything at all.

The Get System Update button is a new feature which is pretty self -explanatory and will allow users to choose to get a system update if one is available by going into the Settings and then System. The button will be lit-up and usable if the update is ready or it’ll remain greyed out until needed.

Allowing gamers to choose when to update should improve the efficiency of installing them and limit the sometimes lengthy wait when boosting the console’s firmware when it next gets turned on for use and all you want to do is game.

In addition to these main Xbox One upgrades Party Chat and video recording will get minimal fixes too. For the full details of firmware version 6.2.10951.0 check

Reports today suggest the next system update is set to deliver support for long awaited external hard drive storage.