Xbox One to get Xbox 360 backwards compatibility?

It’s looking like Microsoft are still doing some console back peddling, when it comes to the Xbox One console, as the latest fan outrage issue surrounding the consoles capabilities, Backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360, is looking to be addressed, or so some hints a Microsoft Executive point too.

Yes, the Xbox One may soon be given some backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360, something fans have been pining for since the XB1 was announced. Microsoft’s Partner Development Lead Frank Savage, has confirmed that there are actual plans for an Xbox 360 emulation on the Xbox One whilst Savage was at the Microsoft Build Developer conference last week.

However, its still very early in the thought process for Microsoft, as Savage also said: “…we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately.”

Since the consoles announcement last year, one of the major Fan wants” has been backwards compatibility with the previous generation of console, but previously Microsoft has stood by the decision to not offer the service due to a major difference between the two consoles internal Architecture.

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However, with the new PC Like Architecture of the Xbox One, it seems that there may be some chance for an Emulation type service for older games, but MS are not holding this feature as a high priority.

It’s easy to see why Microsoft are not massively keen to offer the Backwards compatibility in such an early stage of the Xbox One’s life, as the PS4 also does not offer any PS3 Backwards compatibility, nor does it benefit the newer games that are arriving on the Xbox One as exclusive titles.

However, we would all like to see some form or upgrade in the coming years that allows us to visit some old Xbox 360 treasures on the new Xbox One.

The PS4 will be offering a selected library of older PS3 titles for streaming over Sony’s PlayStation Now service, but there is still no disc-based solution for PlayStation fans and currently the service is a US only subscription.