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Yahoo follows Google and goes Instant

Yahoo is quickly following in Google’s steps by announcing a new Yahoo Instant search feature on its search engines.

Last year Google Instant landed on our desktops and provided a quick and slightly surreal instant search whilst typing; the search results display a live feed of searches no matter if you have finished your sentence, made a typo or even just written a single word.

Now it seems that Yahoo also want to make things more instant by launching the Yahoo Instant Search in beta, which will give the searcher trending search topics of the moment, along with previews. If your search term comes from Yahoo’s network of sites, you’ll also get a nice preview page.

Shashi Seth, senior vice president for Yahoo Search and Marketplaces has stated:

“With today’s launch, direct answers – not the search results page – is the primary focus,” “We are redefining the search process and prominently displaying direct answers where search decisions are being made.

“Search Direct is evidence of Yahoo continuing to lead innovation in search, enabling people to take action faster, find what is most important, and sample what is possible with the next stage of search technology.”

Unlike Google Instant, the Yahoo Instant Search is all done in a drop down box rather than a whole page of results refreshing every time you type or edit the search. What you will get is a list of the most accessed sites and yahoo recommended areas.