The Gadget Helpline wasn’t too sad to hear that the sub-par ‘YouTube’ app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad would be dropped from the new operating system revision iOS 6. But we are sad that one of the web’s most beloved services has never truly been embraced by Apple and made into a quality app like the one Android owners enjoy – but after all, the streaming clip site is a Google-owned effort and Apple seem to be trying to eliminate any involvement its leading rival has in its own market efforts ahead of the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 believed to be on September 12th.

Google aren’t so keen to drop out of the iUniverse just yet and after announcing it will make its handy Maps feature available as a downloadable app through Apple’s App Store the internet giant has developed a faithful version of the YouTube software especially for iOS users giving them, for the first time, a full video experience – meaning 10 hour Nyan Cat clips and Gangnam Style as performed by a Korean all girls dance troupe are finally within iPhone owners’ grasp!

The YouTube app will bring the familiar format and interface as used by Google loyalists and will also have that all important social sharing feature so that your Twitter followers and Facebook friends can enjoy your latest find on the vast video library. You can even post direct to the Big G’s own social web Google+ (remember that one..?)

With the shoddy streaming software for iOS getting the drop, the iPhone 5 poised to go on sale later this month and companies such as Everything Everywhere (Orange and T-Mobile) preparing to launch a super-fast 4G data connection here in the UK by Christmas, Google has timed this one just right.

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