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YouTube GIF Sharing Feature Being Trialled

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Online video community YouTube has begun testing out a new GIF exporting feature which allows up to six seconds of video to be shortened into an animation using the frequently used image format.

Selected YouTube channels now allow you to try the new feature which appears with any video they’ve uploaded and anybody signed in with their Google account will be able to have a play at creating a GIF.

Alongside the usual sharing options for each clip, which includes Share, Embed and Email, will now be the word GIF (which we refuse to accept is pronounced ‘Jiff’). Choosing this option will present an easy to use tool below the video in which you can crop out a portion of the frames to animate and it also allows text to be added to the top and bottom of the image for headings and humorous captions.

You can view a sample animation at all times while you edit to see your creation in action and hitting Create GIF will offer an embed code and direct link so you can share it or save it and post it on your website or Tumblr for the world to see.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a list of the channels that GIFs can currently be made from as Google has kept this pretty quiet (PBS Idea Channel is the main channel being named as an example). But it’s a novel addition thanks to YouTube and its simplicity reminds us of the much loved GIFbuilder from back in the day and we very much hope it becomes a regular feature on many more channels.