Youtube Offering Nvidia 3D Content

YouTube is continuing its 3D content angle recently, as the website is now offering Nvidia’s new stereoscopic 3D technology as part of their service.

Google’s video streaming giant has already offered a service for 3D viewing, with an in video option to use red/green anaglyph playback and additionally a cross eyed side by side mode. Fortunately, the site is now offering the modern 3D content offered by Nvidia.

The site currently hosts around six thousand 3D videos which are made possible using Firefox 4 utilizing HTML 5, which is a very specific combo. When the method will arrive on other browsers is unknown, and more importantly how many of the six thousand videos that will eb compatible with Nvidia’s new technology on launch is also unknown.

If you’re still looking for 3D content online, Nvidia is offering a dedicated 3D video site at, which includes numerous 3D content, in both still image and video formats. The site supports user uploaded content, meaning any 3D images you might have lying around would be appreciated.

Youtube’s new NVidia stereoscopic content is online now, and, if you have Nvidia 3D vision set up (a combination of graphics card, monitor and glasses) then you can watch at your heart’s content. If not, then you may have to spend quite a sum to enjoy it.