Yu-Gi-Oh Android Duel Links – Review

Yu-Gi-Oh Android app is a realised dream for many players. Personally, I used to play at a competitive level and had to stop. The cards cost quite a lot of money and new packs release regularly. This was the main reason for stopping, for me anyway.

There are emulators online that will work on PC but this is not the same as being able to play wherever you are and with whoever you wish.

Duel Links is available on Android, iOS and Steam

Yu-Gi-Oh could be making quite a reprisal soon as it is due to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

But, without further digression lets get into the game.

Yu-Gi-Oh Android App Review

Before we get in depth there is one thing you need to know. Not every TCG card is in the game currently. If we hazard a guess, there are probably over 5000 cards in duel links and more than 9000 in the TCG.

Points of note:

  • The app itself is free to install and play.
  • You have the option to buy items in game but this is not required.
  • You need to have Google Games installed as well.
  • In app purchases are available.
  • The game can be played without spending any money.

The app offers options for both experienced and novice players alike.

There are many training missions as well. The training missions can be helpful regardless of your skill level. Even if you know everything there is to know about every card in the game. You can still gain gems from going through them.

What are gems for? Gems can be used to purchase packs of cards and starter decks. There are many ways to gain gems too. 

The PVP (player versus player) element is also very good. You can play people from all over the world in a one vs one duels, at any time.

Overall the game is worth trying out. Rewarding without costing anything, that’s a pretty good deal!

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