ZX Vega Plus Puts Retro in the Palm of Your Hand

You may remember a Gadget Helpline article from just over a year ago sharing details of a crowd-funding project which looked to relaunch the Sinclair ZX Spectrum – a classic 80s computer loved by many a nostalgic gamer.

Well, thanks to the blessing of Sir Clive himself and generous backing on Indiegogo the project was a success and the ZX Vega is now a real thing you can actually buy and play all those glorious 8-bit games from yesteryear right now on your fancy modern telly.

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Not one to rest on a single victory, the console’s maker Retro Computers has taken to Indiegogo once again with a view to modernising the ‘Speccy’ even further by making a handheld version of the ZX Vega called ZX Vega Plus.

Where the previous model tried to emulate not only the gaming experience of an 80s childhood but also the appearance of the classic machine, the ZX Vega Plus renders on offer on the website show a portable that is much more like the PS Vita in shape and style but still includes the signature colour scheme and striped branding (red, yellow, green and blue).

Also notable are the buttons and connection ports including USB and microSD – very console like, but these contemporary foibles will provide a full range of functionality in the absence of a keyboard or joystick.

The ZX Vega Plus itself features a colour LCD screen to present a selection of 1,000 fully licenced retro titles or the handheld can be hooked up to a TV via AV connection for full screen play using the portable as a controller.

Current bids over on Indiegogo start at £5 for ‘A Bit’ – which is basically just a thank you for helping support the ZX Vega Plus. Other perks are available at £25 and £50 but the real deal starts at £100 which will bag bidders one of the first run of the console which includes limited edition colours: The Red One, The Blue One, The White One and The ‘Clive’ – a loving tribute to the man who started it all by creating and releasing the first Sinclair ZX Spectrum back in 1982.

Check out the full details of the ZX Vega Plus at Indiegogo.